Saturday, April 2, 2016


I am a Thai. My names are; 

สุรพงษ์ เป่าโหล บุษรานนท์ (พง)

Suraphong Baoluo Busaranon [Paul]

黄瑞隆 [保罗] or in Pinyin, Huáng Ruìlóng [Bǎoluó as BAOLUO]


K1 - Y.3       >>> St. Louis School

Y.4 - Y.6       >>> Pitula School (under construction)

Y.7 - Y.9       >>> Benchama School

Certificate    >>> Seafield School

Y.9 - Y.9       >>> Peninsula School

Y.10 - Y.12   >>> Ballarat School

Certificate    >>> Bangkok School of Management

Attended    >>> Yunnan University

Attended    >>>  Donghua University

I'm currently working for home business.

With respects,

Paul B.